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Pyotr Patrushev's 70th Birthday
70-летие Петра Патрушева

at the NSW Writer's Center, May 27, 2012


The party was "an experience which reinforces one's faith in life to throw up consciousness-changing occasions on the way down the primrose path.  It was all truly splendid, not least the autobio element of time remembered with passionate appreciation, regret, relish, condemnation, et cetera. And the  music...the dance…the banquet…truly wonderful!" Peter King

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NSW Writer's Center


Pyotr greets his guests

На английском языке введение

Pyotr and Natasha Morozova sing, Alexander Fomenko and Elen Rapoport perform on the piano

Петр и Наташа Морозова поют на русском языке, Элен Рапопорт и  Александр Фоменко играют на пианино

Mariana Batkhan sings and plays piano, Leo Novikov plays violin

Марьяна Батхан поет и играет на пианино, Лев Новиков играет на скрипке

Pyotr tells a story and Leo Novikov illustrates it playing violin

Петр рассказывает историю и Лев Новиков иллюстрирует ее на скрипке


Everyone is dancing, Leo Novikov plays violin and Elen Rapoport plays piano

Все танцуют, Лев Новиков играет на скрипке и Элен Рапопорт играет на пианино









Natasha Morozova (voice), new album  Russian Enigma

Наташа Морозова  


Elen Rapoport (piano)

Элен (Алена) Рапопорт

Leo Novikov (violin)

Лев Новиков


Mariana Batkhan 
(piano, voice)

Марьяна Батхан

Alexander Fomenko (voice, piano), Russian Romance  restaurant at Kingsford

Александр Фоменко


Pyotr Patrushev,  (voice)

Петр Патрушев



Photos and videos work was done by Phil Walsh, contact on


Party Photos