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Pyotr  Patrushev (1942-2016)

interpreter, author, broadcaster

Pyotr Patrushev


Pyotr Patrushev worked for the BBC in London and as a science writer in Munich and San Francisco. He published numerous articles in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian and worked for the Australian radio and television. He interpreted for the ABC, SBS and for Prime Ministers Kevin Rudd and John Howard when they met  Mikhail Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin and other heads of state.

He is the author of 4 books: "Project Nirvana: How the war on drugs was won" (2014), "Sentenced to Death" (2005), a memoir about his escape from Russia to Turkey , "The Transcendent Ape" (2016), and "Buddha's Balalaika" (collected writings 1964-2014, due in 2016).

Listen to Conversations with Richard Fidler and Pyotr Patrushev on ABC radio. "Over 50 years ago Pyotr went AWOL from the Soviet Army. He slipped away to the Black Sea coast and swam out of the Soviet Union and into Turkey. He was suspected of being a Russian spy, and imprisoned in solitary confinement for a year. He was interrogated night and day. When he was eventually freed, Pyotr came to Australia as a refugee, and became a high-level translator and interpreter."

  Read Obituary in Sydney Morning Herald 

Watch video clips about Pyotr Patrushev

The Man Who Swam From Russia. Part one

The Man Who Swam From Russia. Part two

The Man Who Swam From Russia. Part three

The Man Who Swam From Russia. Part four

Quotes about Pyotr Patrushev

“The life of Russian translator and interpreter Pyotr Patrushev is the stuff adventure stories are made of...Pyotr is a fascinating, an extraordinary man, a great Australian.” (link) Richard Fidler, ABC Radio National  (listen)

"A wildly imaginative book. Amazing tales..." (link) Robyn Williams, ABC Radio National. (read interview)

"Patrushev's novel brings the visions of Orwell and Huxley together." Michael McGirr, The Sydney Morning Herald

"A unique escapee story. Pyotr Patrushev: Russia." SBS Radio - Audio Stories.  (listen)

Interview with Pyotr Patrushev, Illawarra Mercury (Fairfax) (read interview)

"Get engrossed into the atmosphere of a real adventure: true and deadly dangerous." Ex-Magazine

 "This is the extraordinary roller coaster of his life story full of courage, drive and occasional let down." SBS Radio 

"Pyotr Patrushev is one of the most famous escapees from the USSR." Radio Liberty

Publications by Pyotr Patrushev

also see Pyotr's author's page on Amazon

Project Nirvana: How the war on drugs was won

A kidnapped Indian guru becoming a chess wizard, a sexy Russian spy seducing an American security expert Richard Snowden, state-controlled drugs enhancing productivity when used with meditation… this and much more provide a practical recipe for reaching world peace while simultaneously ending the futile war on drugs...

Project Nirvana is a satire with cleverly concealed thought memes that will guide social and drug reform world-wide for years to come…

Read and download Nirvana free online

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or buy Kindle version for .99c on Amazon

The Transcendent Ape

"This is a Big History of humanity’s inner predicament under the microscope, shining a sharp, personal, often humorous and sympathetic light on the foibles and follies of religion, mysticism and cults as well as on several millennia of constructive ratiocination about the human condition. Were Darwin alive, he could not have suppressed a gentle chuckle."

Dr Peter King, University of Sydney

Autobiographical by Pyotr Patrushev. Good Weekend

Various articles published in by Pyotr Patrushev

Приговорен к расстрелу

Перевод с англ. книги "Выиграть может каждый" (скачать бесплатно)

"Путь к Истине"

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Pyotr's slide shows

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Work and Life as a global interpreter and translator - Pyotr Patrushev


New paradigm for psychedelic medicine research:  
implications for public health



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